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Princeville is a great area for purchasing real estate

March 21st, 2012 · Real Estate

Located on the past coffee plantations that sit on the North Shore of Kauai, Princeville is only 2.4 miles but is the largest planned development in the area.  It has several resorts that have tourists from all over coming to visit the three available beaches:  Pu’u Poa, Kenomene Beach, and Kaweonui Beach.  Surrounding Princeville is tropical forests and mountains with blue waterfalls.  The area also overlooks Hanalei Bay.

Princeville is a great tourist destination, but 70 percent of the occupied homes belong to permanent residents.  The population currently sits around 1,700 residents, and many of them are actually well educated and help to operate the tourism industry.  Many golfers also currently call Princeville home.

Princeville is an excellent place for people to make great real estate investments because of the tourist attraction in the area.  It is also ideal for finding a vacation home.  The area has multiple price ranges capable of finding a fit for just about everyone.

Kauai offers fractional ownership for buyers considering purchasing condominiums.  This will give the purchaser to own a portion of the home so that it can be used by them for a certain amount of time each year.  There are many opportunities for this in Kauai at a starting price under $100,000.  Princeville properties located within the resort communities will normally give owners full access to the amenities available.

There is also the opportunity for full ownership of condos in the area.  Princeville Paniolo has units that start around $150,000.  The average price for condos is $400,000, and these come with decent furnishings.  Hanalei Bay Resort, Hanalei Villas, and Ka’iulani have the most luxurious condominiums, and these have been known to climb well over $1 million.

Princeville also has single family homes available for anyone considering making this town their home.  Most of these start around $450,000, and are capable of climbing over $3 million.  The neighborhoods of Emmalani Court and Queen Emma’s Bluff have some of the more expensive homes.

The average sale price for homes is $430,000, and most homes stayed on the market for 275 days.  There are also usually a few distressed homes available here.  Distressed condos will normally start in at $250,000, and distressed single-family homes start at $450,000.

Princeville is a great area for purchasing real estate for just about any reason.  The condos in Princeville are some of the most excellent ones available on the island.  Single-family homes make great buys for anyone considering relocating or just having a vacation home.  There is something to offer pretty much everyone in Princeville.

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Real Estate in Santa Cruz

July 10th, 2011 · Real Estate

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Santa Cruz Overview

Have you heard about Santa Cruz, the Downtown and Beach Boardwalk?

The largest city in Santa Cruz County is the city of Santa Cruz- California. It is located between Highways 1/17. This area is famous for its Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, which faces Monterey Bay. If you are fond of surfing, fishing, sailing and sunbathing, Santa Cruz is the best destination. Are you thinking of buying real estate in Santa Cruz?

Located on the temperate zones, Santa Cruz has a mild climate. It is always between 44 degrees Fahrenheit and 69 degrees Fahrenheit. It is wonderful! Great for to beach. “Surf City” is another name for Santa Cruz because of its appeal for outdoor enthusiasts doesn’t end with the waves. Besides, rainfall per year is not much, about 32 inches averages per year.

Do you know that Wilderness Boats, C&B Boats, Pacific Yachts, Bill Lee Yachts, Moore Brothers, even O’Neills, famous boatbuilding companies all over the world are all located here, in Santa Cruz. We can call Santa Cruz a boating community.

The main means of transport here is bike, which bike lanes for safety on most major roads. So many people use bike for travel. If you want to relax, you can bike along the San Lorenzo River and the near future the Rail Trail when construction is complete.

Santa Cruz has a population of about $56,000 residents. They are living in about 21,000 households. The average income here is around $51,000. You can own real estate in Santa Cruz, luxury beach home with about $4,000,000.

You can find the Resource Center for Non-violence in Santa Cruz County. The Praying Mantis Brigade is formed by Feminists Nikki Craft and Ann Simonton when they were in Santa Cruz. In the 1980′s, they formed the Myth California Pageant which was a protest held outside of the Miss California Pageant when it used to be held in Santa Cruz at the Santa Cruz Civic

There is a pirate radio station in Santa Cruz which called Free Radio Santa Cruz. It is an independent media producer.

In addition, Santa Cruz is famous for its liberal alternative community lifestyles, sub-cultures, and counter-cultures. In California, Santa Cruz is the one of the first city where medical marijuana laws is first defended in court. Citizens in Santa Cruz can obtain medical marijuana under the protection of a government office since 2005.

If you want to own a real estate in Santa Cruz, you can search information throughout internet.

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Search Hawaii homes for sale

July 10th, 2011 · Real Estate

Downtown Honolulu, HI, view from Punch Bowl.

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Do you know that Hawaii is the only one in the U.S. state with islands totally? Hawaii became the 50th state of the U.S. in 21st, August 1959. Hawaii is considered the paradise for tourism all over the world because of its natural beauty, pleasant climate, wonderful waters and waves, and active volcanoes. Not only is Hawaii an ideal point of arrival for tourists in all over the world but also a Elysium for settling. But you must thinking deeply about your financial situation before starting to search Hawaii homes for sale. This is because of the highest price of any American area, even above the “Silicon Valley” area of California.

Before becoming a state of the United States, Hawaii is an independent republic from 1894 until 1898. In 1959, it was taken over by the United States and has become a state of the United States since then.

You can enjoy the climate which is typical for the tropics. There are only two seasons in nearly of Hawaii: the dry season from May to October, and the wet season from October to April.

According to some survey, the cost of ling here, specifically in Honolulu, is basically higher than the United States average. It is higher from 30 to 60 percent. If you have wife and two children, you must earn a minimum of $110,000 so that you can live at ease in Hawaii. Hawaiian imports most of food from other areas. The government said that it takes many money as well as human to establish and maintain the agriculture here. Hawaiian spends a huge amount of money for good shipping from outside into the islands. Due to this, the price of food is so high. Luckily, there are some warehouses on the inland that reduce the cost of products and foods for smart shoppers.

It is surprised that the federal government owns only 50 percent of land; the rest is belonged to private land owners. At present, US foreclosures are rising, so that now is good time to search Hawaii homes for sale. Of course, the cost of living and the recession of economy make the price of real estate here higher than standard markets. Having been laid off in the recent deceleration or taking ARM mortgages to buy properties or housing, many people have to sell their estates at a loss because of rising payment or disability of meeting mortgage obligations. It is your chance if you want to search Hawaii homes for sale. You have opportunity to have a house in paradise with lower price if you can afford to live in this recession place.

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San Jose homes for sale

July 10th, 2011 · Real Estate

Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph in San Jose

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San Jose Real Estate Market
If you are a real estate professional, you must equip yourself with fully update information about the market, and then you will thrive. It is because of every buyer and seller always ask you “How is the market going?” when they prepare to buy or sell home. They also need persuadable proof that you can provide them as a local market expert.

Most people know San Jose as the heart of Silicon Valley, California. There are around 950,000 people living in this third-largest city in the state. With the housing boom, the price of real estate increase strongly. Many people, especially real estate shoppers wonder how the market around here will be. In fact, compared to other area, the San Jose real estate market is quite well.

There are around two thousand San Jose homes for sale at present. Further more, there are about five thousand homes in auction, bank owned or pre-foreclosure phases. San Jose homes for sale with median price have increased about three thousand dollars compared to last year. A San Jose homes for sale price is from four hundred seventy five to five hundred thousand dollars in average. The median price per square foot for homes in San Jose is about $307. The price goes up but the number of completed home sales decreases over thirty percent compared to last year.

Let’s have a general view of home price in San Jose. Home in Evergreen and Willow Glen is about 700,000 dollars when home in Edenvale, Alum Rock, and Berryessa is in range of 400,000 to 500,000 dollars. Real estate in South San Jose, Evergreen, Almaden Valley, Willow Glen and West Valley strongly showed the marketplace when it costs from 400,000 dollars up to over one million dollars, depending upon location and specific homes.

There are many San Jose homes for sale and this helps home buyers easily find something with their budget. In fact, there are some homes can be sold under 100,000 dollars meanwhile some can be purchased in several million. There are many Californians love to buy a home in or near San Jose because San Jose has a respected school system, a great location for entertainment and relaxation locations such as museums and national parks, a low crime rate …

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Newport Beach Homes for Sale

July 10th, 2011 · Real Estate

Newport Beach viewed from Jetty View Park at t...

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Enjoy Newport Beach

Nestling nestled between the Balboa peninsula and Balboa Island, Newport Beach is a small city in Pacific Coast. It is located in Orange County and has neighbors as Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa and Irvine. There are about 85,000 citizens in the city. The average age of people here is about 47,1 years. There are 4,6% of the city’s population is children under five years old. The people are 65 years old and older hold 16,8%. African-Americans residents are less than a half percent. Hispanic residents are 4.7% of the population.

Newport Beach is one of the top of the country for well-paid single men and women and for its family and household income. In 2005, the average annual income is $97,428. The families earned about $127,698 per year. The unemployment rate is about 3% which is well below the state average. From 2000 to 2005 year, the growth of job increased over 10%.

The national average for family income was $55,832, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Newport Beach easily out earned the nearby communities of Irvine ($85,624) and Laguna Beach ($100,778). At 3%, unemployment was well below the state average, while job growth rose by over 10% from 2000 to 2005. There are some of the wealthiest people in California from Newport Beach. In 2001, Newport Coast and San Joaquin Hills were merged with Newport Beach city. Newport Coast is home to many of the wealthy and famous. Newport Beach homes for sale will cost much from ones wallet. In 2005, the average home value was $1.36 million while in 2000, it was $708,000 only. The priciest homes continue to increase in value.

Newport Beach has a low risk of both personal and property crime. The University of Phoenix-Southern California located here with around 18,075 full-time students, California State University-Fullerton with 22,345, and 19,533 enrolled University of California-Irvine. There is 58,5% of Newport Beach residents holding a Bachelor’s degree, including 96.7% who graduated from high school and 21.4% of residents had a graduate or professional degree.

The climate here is very comfortable with a lot of sunshine and mild. It is about 44 degree to 67 degree in January. In July the average high is about 77 degree. The annual rain average is about 12,5 inches. If you can afford Newport Beach homes for sale, you will find a crowded harbor full of boats, streets busy with shoppers, and over six miles of beaches filled with surfers and swimmers.

As years go by, many rich and famous people have bought Newport Beach homes for sale. Some of them are John Wayne, Shirley Temple, James Cagney, Humphrey Bogart, Errol Flynn, George Burns, Kobe Bryant, Nicolas Cage, Gwen Stefani, Vanna White …

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Real Estate in San Diego- Things you should know

July 10th, 2011 · Real Estate

The Cost of Buying and Maintaining Homes in San Diego

To learn about the environment in details is one important step before you transfer your home to a new place. By this step you will get the right information. There are many ways to get information of the area you are looking for. Most people use internet to search information on specific places. San Diego is famous for its healthy business climate. That’s why many people want to relocate here. The housing price in San Diego includes the principle and interest on the cost of the home, the taxes involved in purchasing and maintaining a house, insurance, homeowner fees and maintenance fees. Of course, the prices of real estate in San Diego are up one the location of the property. The prices of homes in more expensive areas such as La Jolla or Del Mar are higher than average. Besides the tax you have to pay when you purchase a house, you are also to pay other real estate taxes such as the Mello-Roos tax. The purchasing tax is usually 1.2 percent of your house value per month. Mello-Roos tax applies to specific areas within California that have issued bonds to fund improvements to local infrastructure
You can find a large number of insurance companies in San Diego. They provide you with all types of insurance on your home such as fire, lightning, windstorm or hail, vandalism or malicious mischief, theft, damage from vehicles and aircraft, explosion riot or civil commotion, glass breakage, smoke, volcanic eruption, and personal liability.

As home prices, home fees depend on the location of your home. Home with neighborhoods that share landscaping fee is about 50 dollars. It costs about 150 dollars for gated areas with private streets and community pools. People own real estate in San Diego which is by the sea face the challenge that the salt in the air poses to homes, which is why they incur higher than usual maintenance costs.

Many people are attracted to relocate in San Diego because of the wide-open spaces and recreational facilities. For buying real estate in San Diego, you’d better consider carefully al the costs that you will have to pay, especially the cost of buying and maintaining a home.

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Foreclosures in Orange County

July 10th, 2011 · Real Estate

Wyndham orange county 1

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Foreclosures in Orange County
Orange County is a county located in California of the United State. Its population is more than 3,000,000 living in 789 square miles with an average income of about $60,000. Nowadays, people are coming here to buy houses and many among them find a purchase of depressed properties. For people who are interested in finding those properties, we will provide some information of foreclosures in Orange County.

To begin, we will find what foreclosures are. Foreclosures process occurs in case of that the payments, which are secured by real estate, are not paid for the lenders. The homeowner fails to make payment of the money for some reasons such as unemployment, divorce, medical challenges, terms of the loan, sick of property management, and even death. All these lead to the foreclosures and they are very popular in Orange County. Why it occurs a lot in Orange County? There are some following reasons:

Currently, Orange County has about more than 180,000 people who are jobless excluding people who want to work but have given up on their search for employment. These numbers become larger day by day. The unemployment rate is high; people are lack of ability to have a basic living standard with food and shelter for their families and themselves every day. This situation also influences their health, causes many difficulties in their life and lead to the foreclosures in Orange County.

Second, the divorce, medical challenges and some other ones are also popular in Orange County and these situations relate directly to the foreclosures in Orange County. According to some surveys of ALMA FAMILY CARE CENTER (AFCC), in last 15 years, Orange County has averaged of about 60 divorces occurring of each 100 marriage case. This rate is 20% higher than that of United State. The divorce issue certainly causes the bad affection to every member in family and contributes to the foreclosures problem.

Knowing these issues in Orange County, many people want to buy homes here because the purchasing of foreclosures in Orange County often brings to the buyers many profit. Many want to negotiate directly about the price with the sellers. However, it is better if they hire a real estate agent who specializes in foreclosures. This is because that the agent has a lot of experience in their field and they can provide you many helpful advices.

In summary, before approaching a seller in distress, we should have careful consideration and understand clearly about these homes as well as related information and service. It is the best way to own the foreclosures in Orange County.

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Oahu Real estate market Update In Hawaii

April 27th, 2011 · Real Estate, Real Estate Markets

The Oahu real estate market, which encompasses the suburban and rural regions of the island in addition to the large city of Honolulu, saw a downturn in sales volume and median price in March 2011, as well as increased vacancies in office space and continually high rates of foreclosure. According to statistics released by the Honolulu Star Advertiser, the median sales price of a single family home on Oahu in March 2011 was $548,500, marking a substantial decline of nearly nine percent from the $600,000 figure recorded in March 2010. Despite this drop in sales price, there were two and a half percent fewer single family homes purchased in March compared to year ago levels – falling from 255 in 2010 to 249 in 2011. Condominiums showed a year over year uptick in median price between 2010 and 2011, but a month over month decrease compared to February 2011. There were substantially fewer condos sold in March 2011, declining more than eight percent relative to the same time last year. Interestingly, the best performing part of the market was at the upper end, where investors and potential residents continued to take advantage of low interest and mortgage rates.

Foreclosures in Hawaii continued to comprise a substantial percentage of home sales, and consequently also depressed median price. One study indicated that the average foreclosure was sold for less than two-thirds of the median sales price of Oahu, a figure which may change as the considerable quantity of ‘shadow’ properties gradually makes its way onto the market. On the other side of the market, the Oahu office space market continued to experience higher rates of vacancy throughout the first quarter of 2011. This period represented the fifth straight quarter of increased vacancy, as the vacancy rate rose from 11.8 percent to 12.1 percent. According to figures released by the Honolulu Star Advertiser, vacancies were largely centered around the Kalihi area, while the business center of Honolulu actually gained some tenants. Rising electricity charges, which are related to the skyrocketing price of oil, may continue to boost rates of vacancy despite some experts’ tentative optimism moving into the next quarter.

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The Waimea real estate market

January 6th, 2011 · Real Estate Markets

Kona Bay, Hawaii from Mauka. Near Holualoa.
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The Waimea real estate market, a primarily rural section of the Big Island housing market, benefited from a rise in property sales and a drop in the median sales price across Hawaii Island. According to the Honolulu Star Advertiser, the number of condominium sales on the Big Island rose from twenty-six in January 2010 to twenty-eight in November 2010. Over the first eleven months of 2010, there were 458 condo sales, compared to 291 a year ago – an impressive fifty-seven percent increase. Accompanying this boost in sales volume was a drop in the average sales price for condominiums, falling from $299,000 to $275,000. Similarly, over the first eleven months of the year, the number of home sales on Hawaii Island rallied from 1,119 from January 2009-November 2009 to 1,362 from January 2010-November 2010. The median price of a Big Island home for sale, including Waimea homes, dropped four percent from $465,000 to $445,000. All of the major neighbor island markets are poised to surpass year-ago levels, despite a generally choppy market and uncertain economy. The Waimea real estate market has been more stable than other parts of the Aloha State, most because of the low population and country character of the community. It is generally less susceptible to foreclosures as well, since many foreclosures on the Big Island are the product of second residences in distress.

There are currently less than two dozen properties for sale in Waimea, only one of which is a bank-ordered foreclosure. Although more properties may have received notices of foreclosure over the last few months, the majority of distressed properties either reach a negotiated settlement or are sold before foreclosure in a short sale. Across the entire Aloha state, real estate information service RealtyTrac reports a total of 877 foreclosure filings in November 2010. The Big Island, including Waimea, saw a total of 212 foreclosure filings, primarily driven by sixty-seven filings in Kailua-Kona. The Waimea housing market should also benefit from the overall strength of the Hawaii economy. Although still on shaky ground, the improving tourism sector should encourage increased investment in the general economy and potentially in the real estate market in particular.

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Coastal NC Real Estate and the Holiday Season

December 12th, 2010 · Real Estate Markets

The Wilmington NC real estate market usually slows down considerably in the winter months.  So far, we have seen a slight decrease in website traffic and emails from potential buyers, we are only slightly slower than we were in July of this year.  The low interest rates are bringing buyers who were 2-3 years out, into town ready to buy.  There is still a large surplus of properties on the market, but that will probably be the case for years to come.

Foreclosures are still driving the market prices, but on the positive side, for the most part, they are being priced accordingly and are being sold relatively quickly, so there’s plenty of life in Wilmington NC Real Estate.

We have had several clients in the past week miss out on a home that is a foreclosure because they were not quick enough with an offer.  We are discouraging low ball offers on foreclosures since they are being priced to sell.  We are also recommending sellers to leave their homes off the market for a while unless they absolutely have to sell.

We are expecting things to slow down once the Holidays are among us. After Valentine’s Day, we still see a slight increase in activity.  It is usually around May or June when most of our out of town buyers will be coming into town to see what is available.  We are sure that 2011 will be a better year overall compared to 2010.

To get even more market data and stats you may also want to check out Data Quick.

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